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Give your Boiler the Spring Clean it deserves

The received wisdom seems to be that if boilers need a service, then it should happen ahead the winter months rather than spring and summer. After all, winter is when it’s really going to be put through its paces; like an athlete ahead of the big race, preparation is everything. Servicing a boiler when spring is in the air…where’s the sense in that? It’s a bit like buying Christmas cards in January, isn’t it?

Now we are – just about – starting to beckon the arrival of crocuses and brighter evenings, we rightly assume that the worst of the weather will soon be over and that the trusty warrior under the stairs/in the kitchen cupboard/down in the basement can take a bit of a breather. Well, it can. But that doesn’t mean it must wait until autumn for a check-up to ensure it’s in tip-top shape.
It might make sense to ignore such a concern at this time of year, but not doing so can pay off. So, isn’t it time you added your boiler to that spring cleaning list?
It’s usually the case that a newer boiler stands less of a chance of breaking down. Regardless of age, though, your boiler still needs a service: regular attention prolongs lifespan and potentially saves money since it reduces the likelihood of a fundamental problem developing.

And if we’re all agreed on that, then it’s worth pointing out the convenience of being contrary: that by breaking away from the herd of booking your boiler in for a service during the spring, you stand much more chance of getting hold of a service engineer at your bidding, not theirs.

Moreover, since you’re being proactive about the whole thing – while not, for example, standing in your hallway ankle deep in water – then it’s more likely you’ll make exactly the right decision about what’s needed and not to be rushed into making a choice you might later regret. It’s time, therefore, to do some research into a quality-assured and gas-safe registered boiler engineer – just like ours here at MV Plumbing & Heating Harrogate.

Indeed, spring is a great time to go the whole hog and invest in a new boiler. Progress being what it is, a new boiler will not only have greater functionality and convenience – apps, inevitably, nowadays play a part – but will also offer more bang for one’s buck. In other words, newer boilers tend to be more efficient, generating more heat per unit of gas or electricity.
And if you can’t afford that sort of outlay, there are more practical ways of cutting energy bills before the winter months return. For example, to stop warm air escaping through doors and windows, it’s worth buying draft excluders; all good DIY stores will stock them.

Another good idea, meanwhile, is to lag your property’s water tank with insulation – the same measure applying just as well to pipes and the loft floor. It’s more than likely that such measures will already be in place, although it’s certainly worth double checking your property’s pipework. Many of us know how big a headache a burst pipe can be.
The last part of our checklist places safety at the forefront: now is the perfect time to ensure that your property’s carbon monoxide alarm is in working order. And it’s also worth considering your annual gas safety check.

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