How to Keep Your Boiler in Good Condition Throughout the Winter Months

The autumn season has officially begun. A time of year when we rely on our boiler to keep us warm
as the outside temperature dips. As the days unfold, it’s only going to get colder; the winter months
are just around the corner.

Cold temperatures can last anything from a few days to months. Throughout this time, it’s important
that you keep your home warm and comfortable. To do this, you’ll need a boiler that’s in tip-top

Keep reading to find out how to keep your boiler in good condition throughout the winter months.
Be sure to read the whole article… you may just learn an invaluable piece of advice that will save you
paying a new boiler cost this winter.

Insulate the Boiler Condensate Pipe

One of the most common causes of boiler failure during the winter months is a frozen condensate
pipe. Often mounted on the outside of a property, condensate pipes are exposed to the lowest
temperatures. Not only that, the water flow along the pipe is relatively slow, especially at the joints
or flat angled sections. This can cause boiler condensate pipes to freeze.

Thankfully, you can stop this happening. The easiest way to stop outdoor condensate pipes from
freezing is to wrap the pipe in waterproof cladding. Remember though, despite being made of
plastic, the condensate pipe is part of your gas system so only a Gas Safe engineer can make
alterations to it.

Check Your Boiler Pressure

One of the more common reasons why residential plumbers in Harrogate are called to homes is low
boiler pressure. This is typically caused when water is lost from the system, causing the expansion
vessel to be repressurised.

Your boiler pressure should be between 1 – 1.15 bar. If the pressure bar is showing 0.5 or less, you’ll
need to repressurise the system. This is typically shown when the pressure gauge is in the green

Boiler Servicing

There is no better way to make sure that your boiler is prepared for the winter season than a good
service by a trained engineer. Routine boiler servicing will make sure that your boiler operates as
efficiently as possible, regardless of the weather.

When you book your boiler in for a service, an engineer will check the condition of the parts,
identifying any that have been worn or are damaged, and advising you if they need an immediate
replacement. They’ll also clean the components which will optimise boiler performance. If you’ve

been advised to replace any worn or damaged parts, it’s best to do so… you don’t want to pay a new
boiler cost in midway through the winter!

Check Thermostats

It’s best to check your thermostats before the winter months descend. If you’d thermostats are
faulty or blown, they can send the wrong signal to the value which then heats up a room too much,
or not at all.

If you’re suspicious that your thermostats are faulty, turn the heating on at the timer, turn the boiler
thermostat to a minimum and see if the boiler switches off. If the boiler doesn’t switch off, turn off
the timeclock and try again. If the boiler doesn’t respond it may be faulty and it’s time to call in
boiler servicing professionals.

Bleed Your Radiators

One of the simplest ways to keep yourself warm and cosy throughout the winter months is to bleed
the radiators. Over time, bubbles of air become trapped in the heating system which then rise, and
the air collects at the top of the radiators, making them cooler.

Bleeding your radiators will solve this problem. All you need to do is to turn the heating on, find the
radiator(s) that need bleeding, open the bleed value, and listen to the air hiss as its released. When
you hear water bubbles, close the value. It’s that simple.

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